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We are sorry if you are visiting our site as a recently bereaved person, but hope we can be of help at this difficult time.

Music can be a great source of comfort as one bids farewell to a much-loved family member or friend. As harpists we can provide a deeply personal and sensitive musical tribute to the departed.

Harp music at the church, crematorium or other chosen venue will create a peaceful atmosphere, and the vision of a beautiful instrument is an uplifting sight at such a sad occasion. Suitable music can be played for the arrival of mourners, and at a religious service the harpist can also accompany the hymns. If you choose not to have hymns the harpist would be willing to play favourite pieces of music or accompany a soloist.

If you have chosen to have a woodland burial or a traditional service at a graveside and feel you would like to have some live music at this point, our harpists would be pleased to provide it. We usually bring a smaller and more portable harp for playing outside, and the gentle sound of the harp in the background can soothe and comfort during what is always a difficult moment.

Not only are we able to provide music for funerals, but we are also willing to provide suitable background music during receptions for family and friends following funerals or cremations. The usual duration for this would be up to an hour and a half, and the music would be of a lighter nature as people meet and chat.

While the majority of our harpists are based in the North West of England or North Wales, most are willing to travel some distance beyond these areas. Please contact your chosen harpist for further details.

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